Fashion Your Whiskey Decanters of 2020

Fashion Your Whiskey Decanters of 2020

Explore that art of unravelling the ideal whiskey decanter. The aesthetics of the decanter should be a coalescence of one that exhibits your style and fits your home decor perfectly. The magnitude of the functionality of your decanter is as significant as the aesthetics of it. The safety aspect of a decanter prompts you to make a worthwhile purchase of a decanter made from crystal and is also lead-free.

If your better half is a whiskey maven and you want to add a tinge of debonair to your living room, your antidote is an elegant whiskey decanter that stores your most refined whiskey.

Bormioli Rocco Whiskey Decanter Set

This whiskey decanter set is a blend of superior quality without wounding your wallet. Bormioli Rocco’s enjoys the title of Italy’s finest glassware brand since its inception in 1825, and the trusted and celebrated brand with a wide assortment of glasses and accessories. This collection is fashioned from superior sand and other deluxe raw materials.

This Selecta Collection comprises six diamond-cut rock glasses of 9.5 ounces and an elegant glass decanter with a capacity of 33.75 ounces with a labyrinthine starburst pattern.

Tom Dixon Tank Whiskey Set

Add drama to your bar cart and zest to your life with this resplendent whiskey decanter by Tom Dixon. The legendary artist is known for furnishing a finishing stroke of marvel to the otherwise mainstream objects.

Though they have a melange of selection, the most alluring design is the stripe set that merges classic and avant-garde design. The dazzling metallic stripes on the 35.2-ounce decanter and its two archetypal glasses of 10.5 ounces are hand-painted from the Republic of Poland.

DeCicio Glass Whiskey Decanter

Decanters relish the stature of statement art pieces, and the antiquity of DeCicio Glass whiskey is furnished by its grey tint and a 24-karat gold leaf sealing stopper. This collection brings in the glorious days of yesteryear with an opulent diamond pattern engraved on the glass.

A customised option is available on Etsy, with matching embellished glasses. The real gold leaf guarantees a tense seal.

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Decanter Set

An effortless yet elegant design is what sets apart Ravenscroft Set. This collection comprises four glasses of 11 ounces and a classic matching decanter of 35 ounces that is crafted in 100 percent lead-free crystal.

The exclusivity of this assortment is their allegiance to intricate details like the decanter’s flared sparkler fashioned to reduce spillage while pouring. This innovativeness was never at the expense of their aesthetic brilliance. Their ingenuity is witnessed by the single bubble that engenders depth to the lead-free crystal.

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