Top 5 Types of Antique Decanters to Add to Your Collection

Types of Antique Decanters

If you have seen Game of Thrones, you might have observed Tyrion Lannister holding and pouring from a glass shaped vessel when he preached “I Drink and I Know Things”. The glass funnel-shaped vessel is the decanter. Why decanter is used you may ask; it is used to get the full essence of wine or […]

Fashion Your Whiskey Decanters of 2020

Fashion Your Whiskey Decanters of 2020

Explore that art of unravelling the ideal whiskey decanter. The aesthetics of the decanter should be a coalescence of one that exhibits your style and fits your home decor perfectly. The magnitude of the functionality of your decanter is as significant as the aesthetics of it. The safety aspect of a decanter prompts you to […]

A Guide to Whiskey Decanters and Your Best Picks

Whiskey Decanter

Films have engendered a novel phenomenon where the zealous heroes unfurl their constant solidarity with a decanter beside them. What makes this bond so intense with our hero almost always ready to pour a tumbler or a minimum of three glasses for himself, friends, or even business clients. At this juncture, it is often the […]