Top 5 Types of Antique Decanters to Add to Your Collection

Types of Antique Decanters

If you have seen Game of Thrones, you might have observed Tyrion Lannister holding and pouring from a glass shaped vessel when he preached “I Drink and I Know Things”. The glass funnel-shaped vessel is the decanter. Why decanter is used you may ask; it is used to get the full essence of wine or any drinks that is poured into the vessel. It is also used to decant the certain drink so that the sold is settled and you may get the heavenly experience when you sniff the wine. In this article, we will discuss the various types of Antique glass decanter you wish you had in the collection. Decanters have come to light for more than years and centuries. It was used in the 17th century to serve and distribute wine. 

String Rim on Decanters

These types of decanters were very popular in the early 1730s. There are even some people who use this to preserve and serve wine. String Rim on Decanters was large, long-necked, and lastly had a single string rim. Even before the bottles were made, all the glass vessels have a thin rim of a glass.

Cruciform-shaped Antique Glass Decanters

These forms of antique glass decanters were very famous in around the 1730s to the 1750s. The main point of why the decanter got the name is due to its cross form of the formation when the decanter is observed from underneath the decanter. This shape is known to increase the surface area which helps the wine to decant faster. Later, changes started occupying and the cross-section form was transformed into many shapes by increasing the surface area.

Later Styles of Glass Decanters

Even though glass decanters were very popular in the olden time, it became popular only when it reached the 18th century to the present. It was only in the 19th century where people started transforming the decanters and made neck rings. These kinds of decanters are very prominent nowadays.

Lozenge Stoppers in Antique Glass Decanters

The next one on the list is Lozenge Stoppers in Antique Glass Decanters. It is in the 8th century, these types of glass decanters came into light. They are cylindrical and were available in various forms and colors. Mainly in red, blue, and green. It was also very popular in amethyst color but people preferred buying plain decanters.

Colour Antique Glass Decanters

These types of colored decanters were very popular in the late 18th to 19th century. Even though people fancied plain decanters; some people loved to add some color to the decanters. These types of colored decanters like the Lozenge Stoppers were available in red, blue, and amethyst colors. These types of decanters were mainly used for preserving rum and other alcohol.   

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