A Guide to Whiskey Decanters and Your Best Picks

Whiskey Decanter
Films have engendered a novel phenomenon where the zealous heroes unfurl their constant solidarity with a decanter beside them. What makes this bond so intense with our hero almost always ready to pour a tumbler or a minimum of three glasses for himself, friends, or even business clients. At this juncture, it is often the decanter that is the showstopper and not our attractive, brawny hero. This carefully crafted vessel is a magnificent work of art that captures our gaze.

 The Essential Requirements in a Whiskey Decanter




A standard Burke is whiskey has a 750 mL capacity, which translates to about 25 ounces. The size should concern you only if you have the habit of pouring an entire whiskey bottle into the decanter; otherwise, remember that it is the visual treat that matters.

 Airtight Seal

Airtight Seal


Though whiskey oxidises at a reduced pace than wine, however, it oxidises. Therefore, your catholicon is a sturdy and airtight seal. The transfer from the bottle itself facilitates a replacement from its optimal environment; therefore, the least you could provide is disallow constant oxygen flow in case of a defective seal.


Lead-free Crystal


The contemporary designs enable the availability of lead-free decanters; however, it is always ideal to validate. If you are not keen on verifying it, let me educate you on the damage substances as lead can create in you. 

So, if the decanter crystal contains lead, the prolonged exposure of whiskey to lead can result in lead leaching. Once this process takes place and you continue to consume the whiskey, this can prove detrimental to your health, engendering a myriad of health disorders starting with cancer.




You are the ultimate one to decide on your budget for a decanter. The price range of a decanter can begin from $20. So, if it is just for you to revel in after a tedious day of work. You can go mediocre. But since decanter is a feast to the eye and you want to display it at a house party or with your colleagues, you have the luxury of splurging for that visual magnificence.

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